SHIFTSHAPE CLUB brings leadership training to the 21st century. It is time to combine personal and professional development into one holistic approach. It is time to make continuous learning a way of life. In a selected community of transformational leaders who share the same mission of changing things for good.

Launching Fall 2021, Enquire now

Starting off with our bespoke 21-week live-cohort inception trek, members will be trained and challenged to understand, contextualize and navigate uncertainty. They will be empowered to lead themselves and others in this rapidly changing world.

Embrace change.

Think for yourself.

Transform the future.


This club is for people who not only want to grow continuously but also want to shape the shift we need to see in the world. It is for those who are great at what they do but still want to get better.

Not in a competitive way but through building upon each other’s experience, through introspection and self-learning, and through constructive discourse among other self-improving individuals. It is for those who embody “Learning as a Lifestyle”.

We are a club for executives, experienced full-time professionals, entrepreneurs and self-directed go-getters alike. It is designed for leaders and game-changers of all professional backgrounds – regardless of industry, job title and business area.

The only things we demand are the motivation to learn, the openness to reflect, and the willingness to truly change things. The entry ticket to the SHIFTSHAPE CLUB is our immersive 21-week inception trek aimed to build up your personal as well as collective leadership skills along the SHIFTSHAPE Framework. After a successful inception you can call yourself a Transformational Leader and become a full-fledged club member. This thoughtful process ensures that we curate diverse cohortes of highly motivated and committed lifelong learners. Request an invitation for an interview to see if you qualify.

You have to shift yourself in order to shape the world.