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The SHIFTSHAPE CLUB brings lifelong learning to life and leadership training to the 21st century. It is time to combine personal growth, organizational transformation, and sustainable development into one holistic approach. It is time to make continuous learning a way of life. In a selected community of transformational leaders who share the same mission of changing things for good.

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We salute you. We are here for those who want to grow and to shape the shift we need to see in the world. For those who learn a life long. For those who are great at what they do but still want to get better. Not in a competitive way but through building upon each other’s experience, through introspection and self-learning, and through constructive discourse among other purpose-seeking individuals. This place is meant for those who embody “Learning as a Lifestyle”.



Project Lead Diversity & Inclusion, Microsoft

“My personal journey has shown me that digital education can change lives and that it’s never too late to learn something new. I like to be able to pass on these experiences in the SHIFTSCHOOL community. Digitization means everything and nothing. It’s not primarily about ones and zeros, but about a culture of transformation. And about people who shape this culture.”


Silvia Baroni

Senior Strategic Designer, Volkswagen

“What changed for me since I was starting in the SHIFTSCHOOL community? I don’t try to fit anymore – in situations or in groups or in companies. I use my energy to find groups where I fit in. I changed completely the way that I make my decisions in my job, but also in my private life. I’m much more self-confident now. This means that I trigger myself a lot more. When I am afraid of something, I go for it anyway. ”

Verena Caroline Walther

Division Head s.Oliver BLACK LABEL women at s.Oliver Group

“Sparring in a community is a super important point. Our collaboration here at SHIFTSCHOOL is based on trust and openness. We know everyone gives their best and does their part. We all have the same mindset and we know we can rely on each other even if we sometimes disagree on how to get there. That’s a solid foundation for us, that’s the only way we can get into the flow, act so quickly and get into that mode of implementing our ideas.”

Shapescape Leadership Training

Sven Schäferkord

Managing Director Pacific Entertainment Media

“From the very first second at the SHIFTSCHOOL, it becomes clear that change is not taught here, but lived. So many new impulses arise in every conversation, in every encounter, that it literally recharges the battery, no matter how complex the topics are. To whom the concept already seems interesting at first glance, let me tell you: it doesn’t stop there, because the closer you look and the deeper you go into the topics, the more interesting it becomes.”

Philippe Quynh Nguyen

Team Lead Strategy, Digitalization, Innovation Siemens Mobility

“I find it very helpful that we have sparring partners for a wide variety of topics who always give us support. You know that there was an incredible breadth of knowledge and experience that you could draw on. To absorb this knowledge and learn from the community is insanely helpful. I remember very well the retreats and our sparring sessions. We completely opened up through very personal stories. I find this curated reflection super helpful. The SHIFTSCHOOL retreats have helped me to learn more about myself – what made me the way I am today, why I tick the way I do, and what will be important to me in the next years.”


Bernd Preuschoff

Chief Digital Officer & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Uvex Safety

“I believe that we need a link between methods and technology and the people to make Digital as a whole successful. We need to push it further. In my career I have been able to implement changes myself many times. Sharing this knowledge at SHIFTSCHOOL with those who are also dedicated to this task is a great pleasure.”

You have to shift yourself in order to shape the world.