Christina and Tobias Burkhardt
Christina and Tobias Burkhardt

This is the founder story of Shiftschool and our learning journey so far. In the beginning, there was the idea if the first academy for Digital Transformation in Germany.  Christina & Tobias Burkhardt was established their idea of a new school in 2015. More than 150 professionals from all industries have graduated from our 18 months Digital Transformation Manager Program focusing on mindset, skills, network & balance ever since.

We have also worked with many innovation teams and trained hundreds of transformative leaders in small and large organizations across Europe. Since the beginning we focused on creating inspiring and sustainable training formats where learning is really unconventional, intensive, creative, and fun. That is the founder story of SHIFTSCHOOL: Here you can find more detailed insights on us: the founders, the story of the Academy for Digital Transformation, and our SHIFTSCHOOL Philosophy

SHIFTSCHOOL has been awarded and featured many times as a pioneer for immersive learning experiences in a rapidly changing digital world. Our proven innovative curriculum design and the human-centered instructional experience from more than 1000 workshops and 5 digital transformation classes help us to create best-in-class live cohort learning experiences for our members. We have now condensed all the learnings from the past years into the SHIFTSHAPE® Framework. We are very excited to continue our journey of learning: The next milestone will be the launch of the 21st Century SHIFTSHAPE CLUB in 2022.


Christina Burkhardt
Tobias Burkhardt

We take pride in designing new didactic formats, combining science, entrepreneurship, art, craft, and technology. Likewise, we aim to spark inspiration and to drive experiments that cross boundaries and bring our members together in a common search for answers to challenges that the 21st century holds for us.

Above all, we don’t believe in the widespread conviction that there is a shortcut to learning through digital technology. Neither do we think a flood of superficial content, digital formats trimmed for efficiency or ever new innovation methods are the answer to 21st century problems. In fact, we have a fundamentally different view on how to train leaders. The question of HOW to really change attitudes drives us. Subsequently, we try to get rid of the glitter. Instead, we have implemented a framework to develop the attitudes that truly lead to self and collective leadership.


Tobi and Tina mindset

Our goal is to establish the first transformational leadership club for visionaries and game changers from across Europe who want to shape the world in the 21st century. Our mission is to make people fit for the future transformation focusing on Mindset, Skills, Network & Balance. Moreover, we believe that true change will not happen at the surface. To make it really, really work, we must go deeper than that. Therefore, we need a different approach to transformation. Both on an individual and a collective level. Challenging cherished convictions, forming new attitudes, and creating new concepts for us and the people we work with.