The inception trek is your entry ticket to your full-fledged club membership. It is designed as a next-level learning experience that consists of impulse and method workshops and 21 weekly sprints peppered with state-of-the-art innovation methods, unique leadership insights, and a hands-on practical experiment.

The SHIFTSHAPE Framework is designed to further develop your personal as well as collective leadership skills. On top, three practice modalities support learning progress: regular peer coaching sessions, accountability and inspiration by virtual mentors, and individual reflection empowered by a physical self-learning package.

The remote 21-week SHIFTSHAPER trek starts off and finishes with immersive weekends with interactive impulse sessions, personal reflection, and team building. In between, each week on Thursday nights we meet with inspirational experts and method coaches for the live online CLUBNITE – working on the 5 dimensions of the SHIFTSHAPE Framework as well as your individual project. The 20 weekly sessions alternate between inspirational Spark Sessions and project-oriented Studio Sessions. On top, every participant receives their personal self-learning package including the 150 day reflection journal.

This initial SHIFTSHAPER trek prepares you to understand, adapt, and succeed in this rapidly changing world. And beyond that, inspires you to make the world a little better. You will receive a transformational 21st century leadership training along with the necessary inspirations to develop and work on attitudes to play a leading role in your personal and work life.

A hybrid learning trek,
nothing you have ever seen before

week learning experience
remote workshop weekends
live online impulse sessions
live online impulse collaborative masterclasses
weeks learning experience
remote workshop weekends
live online impulse sessions
live online impulse collaborative masterclasses

2 remote workshop weekends with the entire cohort, building an incredibly valuable network & community

10 weekly expert-led, live online impulse sessions with curated weekly inspiration topics

10 weekly live online collaborative masterclasses with state-of-the-art innovation tools

Break-out teams with mastermind assignments and debriefs to deepen your take-aways

Motivational support and accountability tracking by virtual coaches along the learning trek

21 week premium SHIFTSHAPE journal book to reflect on learnings, implement new morning routine habits, and to keep track of your progress

Transformational Leader Certification and LinkedIn endorsement for every graduate

Special discussion sessions with the trainer of each of the 5 leadership dimensions of the SHIFTSHAPE Framework

Unlimited access to our online learning platform with supplemental reading and working material

Qualify to continue as a full member of the SHIFTSHAPE CLUB community upon the completion of the program

Physical SHIFTSHAPE learning box with exclusive learning materials for the entire program

Personal development plan to individualise your learning path


Curriculum designed to develop both self-leadership and collective leadership skills

The only education program specializing in Transformational Mindset and Leadership based on the proven SHIFTSHAPE® Framework

Knowledge transfer in mastermind fashion increasing the likelihood of you actually attaining your goals

Practical and playful learning in a fit-to-person style

Access to an outstanding network of experts throughout Europe

Large network of alumni, professionals from all industries, and companies from the creative and digital economy

Proven didactic SHIFTSCHOOL approach with more than 100 Digital Transformation Manager graduates from the SHIFTSCHOOL Academy 

Customizable techniques and skills that can be applied directly and immediately

Work with the latest online collaboration and innovations tools  

Unique and state-of-the-art remote learning atmosphere

In-depth knowledge enhancement with our Curated Learning Library

Designed for full-time professionals with two remote weekend courses at the beginning and the end of the 21-week trek and one evening session per week so that you don’t have to take time off

Tasks are not only designed for thinking, but also for doing. Get inspired to conduct real-life experiments that result in change

Learn to lead remote teams and facilitate creative workshops online

What You’ll Learn

You gain an in-depth understanding of the SHIFTSHAPE
so that you build the capacity to:

adapt your existing strategies to meet the uncertain future

identify new opportunities for yourself and your company

redefine leadership by building a collaborative experience for all

lead through creative discourse and candid feedback

commit yourself and your teams to work towards a purpose-driven culture

respond to future challenges by tapping into the wisdom of your peers

unify and motivate stakeholders by candidly reflecting on things and become more and more important

internalizing a new state-of-mind by working on transformational attitudes in a safe environment


Shiftshaper noun

UK ​ /ʃɪft ʃeɪpər/ US ​/ʃɪft ʃeɪpər/

​a person (f/m/d) who does not change things by fighting the existing reality but by building new models that make the existing models obsolete

Trek noun 

UK /trek/ US /trek/

a remote but live, cohort-based sprint framework for leaders, founders and go-getters dealing with the leadership challenges of the 21st century 

What it is all about

It’s neither a boring collection of one-way e-learnings nor a meaningless business (social) network. It is not about status, titles or perks. It is not about dog-eat-dog career acceleration either. It is not designed like a conventional leadership training. It is not about binge learning new skills and never use them outside the classroom. It is not about having others telling you what to learn.

Instead, it is all about continual shift. It is about adapting a new state-of-mind to navigate change. It is about learning to lead yourself in order to lead others in a collective and collaborative manner.  It is about learning to re-learn. It is about questioning convictions. It is an open, creative room to get you better results over time. Like a gym for your brain. Continuously growing towards your potential. It is about developing a new attitude towards learning.

Technology is in fact the trigger for disruption. But it is not the true challenge. It is us humans who cannot cope with the speed in which technology changes established processes. Today’s leaders can be divided in two categories: Those who think they can just carry on as before. And those who understand that nothing will be as it is now. We believe that transformation is not about implementing new technologies but primarily about an open attitude towards change. In a world changing so rapidly, creative thinking is the essential skill for every transformational leader. We are deeply convinced that people must acquire new attitudes to come up with new solutions to the unexpected problems that will undoubtedly determine our future way to do business.

In short, this is Learning as a Lifestyle